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Ocean offers a range of services to maintain the life, appearance and re-sale value of your boat. We can supply you with a free no-obligation quote before any work commences.

Gel coat and fibre glass repair is important to prolong the life of your boat. A boat's gel coat is the outer skin of the fibre glass hull. It protects the surface of the boat, sealing the fibre glass beneath from water, moisture and the sun's ultraviolet rays.

The gel coat also gives the boat it's colour and provides a glossy finish, much like paint on a car!

The sun is primarily the boat's worst enemy when it comes to the gel coat, but measures must be taken to protect it from water and abrasions as well.

Abrasions can simply occur from dirt being ground into dinks or chips from the boat bumping into the pontoons. A worn or chipped gel coat can allow water to permeate the fibre glass, causing serious damage over time. Cleaning and attention to protecting the gel coat will preserve it for years to come, maintaining the integrity of the fibre glass beneath, as well as giving your boat a shiny and well maintained  look.

Gel Coat and Fibreglass Repair

Another service offered by Ocean is antifouling. Having the hull of your boat antifouled is advised at the beginning of each new season, especially if your boat is left in the water for more than a couple of weeks at a time.

Whether sea water or fresh water, after as short a period of time as just two weeks in the water, there is a build up of marine growth such as weed, barnacles and mussels, which attach themselves to the hull. This effects the performance of your boat.

After as little as eight weeks in the water, without antifouling your hull, the performance will be so severely reduced that it is unlikely your engine will get you on the plane or cruise at any normal speed. As well as that there could be a very visible increase in smoke from your engine. So, apart from looking unsightly, it makes your boat slow, less responsive and less fuel efficient.


Ocean has been involved with renovating retro caravans! Poppy (seen below) is now one of a dozen caravans so far to be completed. Scott Tibbles of The Beach Hut Caravan Company has been purchasing old caravans and giving them a new lease of life. Ocean has helped them on their way with a new paint job and with the servicing of the chassis and trailer. Once re-sprayed Scott adds the final interior touches and decorations, making these caravans a real sight to be seen. You can view their website from our links page.

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